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Target Audience

This document is meant as a guide for developers who want to start working with the AIQNET platform. This is a work in progress, it will be enriched with input from the AIQNET stakeholders and more chapters will be added as Raylytic adds more components to the AIQNET architecture.

It's structured into three main chapters: FHIR, Subscriptions and SMART applications.

FHIR is the data standard in which medical data is stored inside AIQNET. The decision for FHIR was based on it's expressive power and wide acceptance within the medical IT community. More details can be found in the FHIR section.

AIQNET is more than a simple data storage: we want to enable the creation of outstanding applications that can help create future patient-first applications. To be able to achieve this, AIQNET has two main extension mechanisms:

The first one is subscriptions. With subscriptions you can listen for events involving certain data and fire an action depending on various conditions. More details on how to use it and a simple application can be found in the Subscription section.

The second one is SMART on FHIR. It is a standard which we decided to implement and use that provides a simple and secure way for applications to integrate with doctor's day-to-day workflow without disrupting it. More details can be found in the SMART section.